I live, I tell stories, I teach coffee and the art of the cafeteria

I was born in Brescia, February 17th, 1996. I attend Art School and graduated with a degree in design. I started working in my hometown as a waiter and in only 5 months was promoted to manager. As I began to excel, I took courses parallel to my work, focused for barmen and bartenders all over the peninsula. I worked with many renowned restaurants in…  and quickly gained experience in the field. My passion for coffee only grew and which led me to take a coffee course especially designed to dive deeper into coffee. I enrolled in the Academy of Coffee Masters and completed the AICAF path. My devotion and talent did not go unnoticed and the President of the Academy recommended I become a part of the next generation of coffee trainers.
Subsequently, I attended and obtained the qualification and authorization to become a trainer for the academy and then a trainer for all of Italy.
After two years from working the evening shift for aperitivo, I wanted to take on the challenges of the daytime shift in the cafeteria. I worked as a bartender manager at Iginio Massari’s Pasticceria in the Veneto for a year, where I tested my technical qualities and received many prestigious accolades.

To expand my professional career, I contacted many highly regarded Italian coffee companies and now serve as a Barista Trainer. In addition, I obtained certifications as a Black Coffee Examiner and International Judge in the Latte Art Grading System, SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certification as well as my taster license through the IIAC – International Institute of Coffee Tasters. To keep my skills refined and sharp I compete with professionals in the coffee sector through several national and international competitions.

Over the years I have earned many titles including, World Espresso Italian Champion 2017 and Italian Cup Tasting Champion 2020, 2022 and 2023

Il Gin del Baffo

The first Premium Dry Gin with Specialty Coffee 

“Il Gin del Baffo” with Specialty Coffee is a contemporary style gin, It was born after years of study and careful tastings to wisely combine two of great passions that accompany me in life: Specialty Coffee and gin. It’s a spirit drink, one of a kind, with juniper, angelica and coriander made by distillation and subsequently combined with Specialty Coffee, which I have carefully selected for you, to complete this natural aromatic bouquet.

“Il Gin del Baffo” with Specialty Coffee was created to satisfy the most refined and daring palates: the authenticity of the ingredients, balanced and harmonious with each other, create an innovative melody of flavours that guarantees an authentic and unique experience. The natural amber colour and the freshness of the flavours recall grapefruit, liquorice and honey, and blossom from the natural cold infusion of hand-roasted Specialty Coffee to guarantee a sublime yield …trust “Il Baffo”!

Italian Caffetteria Recipe Book

This guide is meant to be a helpful support for professionals, with the aim of increasingly raising the level of quality in coffee shops and making the final consumer more aware as well.

To receive the complete recipe book complete the form.A thousand thanks!

Coffee training 

I’m coffee expert, I organize training courses and consultancy to share on my passion and my knowledge with the aim of spreading the culture of quality coffee around the world.